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Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace by Tim From WI

I was running late for the church service.

It was a sunny summer Sunday morning--a perfect day to walk into that new church for the first time. I had
heard about the church from a friend at work. Intrigued, I studied about the church on their website, and
then later I learned about their inspiring worship via informal Bible Studies with my friend over several
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"For in Him we live and move and have our being."
Acts 17:28a (NIV)
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Untitled by Chris

I already knew the answer,it was written on his face,in the way he couldn't meet my questioning
eyes."You have cancer",the doctor said. It was prostate cancer & we scheduled the surgery to remove
this most vile invader from my body.I was in my first week of recovering from this painful &, at least for
me,degrading procedure when my wife & I went in for my check up. Something was WRONG!! The
surgeon wouldn't look me in the eyes,he sighed when he sat down,&,finally looking at me said,"the
cancer has spread outside the prostate,I'm sorry there is nothing we can do except to hope to contain it
with lupron (female hormone) shots."
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When I was a new believer I presumed that all believers are good. I used to trust people very easily. My
mom told me to be careful about trusting people Îjust like thatâ. She said that I get easily carried away by
peopleâs sweet talks, believing them to be true."
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