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A Patch From My Past
When I was a kid, I had horrible eyesight. One eye was lazy, my right
eye, so I had to wear a patch over my left eye for most of my first grade
year. It was black like a pirate patch, so even though the six-yr-old boys
thought it was cool, it was so NOT COOL to me.
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Comments from our subscribers:
"Amen and hallelujah! Printing it off, reading it often. Many thanks
to you. (Where's A Soapbox When You Need One.)
                 Jeana from Texas
"We are battling a big wave with a family member right now so this
particular devotional really touched my heart." (What's In A Wave)
                 Ashlie from Georgia
"I truly was blessed by your piece, Where's The Backdrop. I had
never thought of God 'blowing' us where He wants us. I hope I can
sow productive seed when I land.
                Mary from unknown
"I am a serious fan of my mentor Laura and her writings. Her words
have a lot of insight and learnings for life, which is refreshing to the
              Irene from Bangalore, India
"I love your website and I especially love the question and answer
page for kids."
                    Elaine from Texas (Kids Q & A)
"Thank you for this reminder that God does expect us to finish it
and we can with His help!!!"
"...this is such a visual and wonderful message. You have a depth in
your writing and a compassion that warms the heart."
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